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A breath of life in Midi : Follow, step by step, the construction of a short sequence, from a great traditional symphony. 
  1. Relief, phrased and controllers 
  2. Tempo 
  3. Volume 
  4. Last adjustments and conclusion 
A computer language for the music : It was a question, in the first part, of the various stages accompanying the conception of a Midi file. After  this aperitif, it is unfortunately necessary  to approach some theoretical concepts, a field more arid, but necessary to include/understand well what is a Midi file.
  1. Midi data , Midi file and Midi standard 
  2. For what to make, Midi Files
  3. Useful links
Piccolo, Saxo and company : The first richness of the Midi format is undoubtedly to propose an infinite range of timbre, making it possible to the amateur to control a multicoloured orchestra, well better than an organ or than any other apparatus of mechanical music. An infinite range? Yes, but...
  1. Timbres in Midi
  2. Timbres or instruments?
  3. Wind instruments 
  4. Brass 
  5. Percussions 
 Violin with the double bass : The preceding article had carried out us among wood, coppers and percussion, leaving side temporarily the strings. This patch "string ensemble" that many agrees to find like the best of all the patchs midday. It could be true because the sonority of the cords is really faithful, but one would like to ask some to him more.
  1. Cords in Midi
  2. The 4 fundamental Midi timbres 
  3. Dolce, forte?
  4. And for the progressive attacks? 
  5. Other Midi timbres relating to the cords
  6. The ' Flanging effect'
  7. In conclusion?
16 microphones for... 100 performers : a Midi soundcard can emit 16 to 128 notes simultaneously, or more, but it is limited (by the Midi standard) to 16 channels. Only alternative, to choose a chart with double Midi port, or more, but without hope to widely diffuse the sequences created. Thus let us see the easy ways to leave itself there differently - In preparation
The finalization of a sequence : 4 key words for a successful sequence: volumes, tempo, balances and execution of musical phrase. We already approached the first 2 points, we return there in detail. And then also let us see how to make a success of the trilles, points d'orgue and other ornamentation - In preparation

Searching a componer : a Midi sequence, even for a beginner, is the formidable occasion to discover a musical leader in a single way. We will study here how to go beyond the notes and how to initiate itself with the composition, with the harmony, even for a simple amateur of beautiful music - In preparation