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Personnal Midi Pages

Gary Goldberg's page

Midi music, essentially 19th and 20th century

Ramon Pajares' page

Midi classical music, spanish music, and , et especially a true collaborator in the development of the ideal Midi sequence

David Siu's page

an excellent collection of MIDI transcription of works from Bach to XXième century, particularly provided

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MIDI archives and links to MIDI sites

CMA archives

The biggest Midi archive - but inscription required

CMC archives

MIDI for the classical music entusiast


Classical music, popular music, thousand of Midis


Large collection of Midi files

Bach Central Station

great pages of MIDI music

Links to Midi archives

Composers Offering MIDI Files on the Net

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Software for scores or MIDI files

Pizzicato, your personnal music software

Write and print your scores ! - Learn and control your music!

Noteworthy, a cheap and easy software

Welcome to the world of computer music notation!

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The Classical Music


a site (English and French) impossible to forget on the life, work and all about Beethoven

Page d'écriture musicale de M. Baron

a complete course of harmony, counterpoint and fugue (in French, English, Spanish, Galician)

Page de musique classique de M. Baron

Many information on the musical life in Quebec - many links (in French)

Classical Music Web Ring

Startpoint of a travel through the classical music


Museum of the Musical instruments in Brussels (the biggest in Europa)

Le site de Richard Holding

an original approach of the classical music, with biogaphies, MIDI files, with advising with the beginners, but also with the others (in French)


The Metronimo Music Web Site : Software to learn music, on line games, ringtones, logos.


Biographies, files, quizz, many information on the classical music (french Website)


The salon of music of the associated composerss


French page on classical music : biographies, MIDI, forum, anecdotes, ...

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The MIDI Music

MIDI Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center

MIDI is the language of gods


a website focusing on computer music and the creation of sounds


100 MB FREE Classical-Samplesounds

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Find scores

Free scrores, to print - hundreds of scores (Orchestral, instrumental, chamber music)


World Wide Directory of Free Sheet Music

Classical scores

1200 scores for orchestra or solist in PDF format

Mutopia, free scores

Wima : links to pages of free scores

VARIATIONS Prototype: Online Musical Scores

Operas in full scores, symphonies, concertos, one of the biggest sites for free partitions

SMA : scores from public domain

The Gutenberg project

ENMD : 800 free scores

Other scores, books or files to download

SheetMusic : find a score

Elibron, scores (paying) in pdf or on paper

Music store in Liège

Di Arezzo, the World of Sheet Music

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