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Welcome on the website Espace-Midi..            Last update : 26th November 2010

This site contains files of classical music in Midi format, and MP3 files obtained from Midi sequences, essentially romantic, in MIDI format.

You 'll also find on this page

Since July 2002, the MIDI files are optimized for the 'SoundBlaster Live! 5.1' - The previous MIDI files will be gradually updated for this soundcard. The updated files remain compatible with the 'AWE 64 Value' soundcard.

After long a three years interruption, Espace-Midi takes again its activities and hopes to propose new MIDI files regularly

News, update, projects

News (March 2006) :

Coriolan Beethoven's overture

La Gazza Ladra (The Thieving Magpie), Rossini's overture

Schubert's Symphony nr 8, Unfinished, D. 759

Brahms' Variations on a Haydn's theme, op. 81

Mozart's Symphony nr 29 in A, KV 201

Brahms' Symphony nr 4 in e, op. 98

Mozart's Clarinet concert in A, KV 622

Updates (March 2006) :

Schubert's symphony nr 9 in C, D. 944

Brahms' symphony nr 3 in F, op. 90

Leonore I Beethoven's overture, op. 138

Leonore II Beethoven's overture, op. 72

Leonore III Beethoven's overture, op. 72a

Fidelio Beethoven's overture, op. 72b

Update (April 2006)

Addition of 10 new MP3

Projects :

Borodin's symphony n░1

Fra Diavolo, Auber's overture

Prokofieff's Classic Symphony

Egmond, Beethoven's overture

Mozart's concert for flute and harp, KV 299

Beethoven's Symphony nr 3, Hero´c


The new files are optimized for a SounBlaster Live! 5.1 card and the Creative soundsfont 8mbgmsfx.sf2 (minimum polyphony : 24 ).

A soundfont espace-midi.sf2 version 2.1 (12 Mo). It is available in free download. It corrects some imperfections of the standard file, especially for wood and the cords solo.

The version 1.0 is still available

Do not use a SB16 card, results would be very incorrect. The SoundBlaster PCI64 card also gives a rather poor result. If you wish to hear some extracts in the original configuration, download corresponding files MP3 (see MP3 tab).

Do not hesitate to deliver your opinion, it is necessary to improve quality of the sequences or simply the presentation of this site (see dialogue tab).

Personal parameters for the AWE 64 Value card :

Reverberation : Hall 1

Chorus : Chorus 3

Personal parameters for the Soundblaster Live! 5.1 card :

Reverberation : 50%

Chorus : 20%

Treble : -30%

Bass : 0% (middle of the range)


  • You can download Midi and MP3 files without any limit.

  • You cannot modify the downloaded files, except for a strictly personal use

  • You can publish these files on your site or a site of archive site in the condition of indicating the address of Espace-Midi ( and/or the corresponding e-mail

  • The files can be used only for personal and noncommercial purposes. Any commercial deal carried out with MIDI or MP3 files is strictly prohibited.


The address provided remain exclusively at the disposal of Espace-Midi. They are not to in no case provided to other people. The addresses present on the site, in the guestbook, or elsewhere, will be protected from the robots scanners (under development) .


All my thanks with those which helped me to develop this site, to improve the Midi technique.

Thank you with my professors for music who see the midi music like a tool full with promise, but still requiring a gigantic work. Thank you with all those which helped me to translate or correct the English version of the site (it remains still a work very long to realize, and I hope soon to make appear here the list of the voluntary translators who will have helped me)

Thanks to Diane for the realization for the new logo of the Site

Thanks to Jean-Baptiste Matthews who suggests tu provide temporaly the MP3 files