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Quotations of musicians or artists

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One never saw street to bear the name of a critic (J. Brahms)

One sells only what dies, which is immortal can only be given (C. Gounod)

Not, the beautiful one does not age, the beautiful one does not die. (G. Bizet)

What is only modern and up tu date only lives today at tomorrow (A. Schoenberg)

It is not certain that the public is right always, but it is certain that those which scorn it are always wrong (R. Clair)

Not to prove its genius before knowing its trade (J. Massenet)

What counts, it is not what is played but what one replay (F. Poulenc)

The genius, it is what no professor can destroy(W.A. Mozart)

Greater is the genius of an artist, more it moves away from its nationality (G. Mahler)

It is necessary to know what one wants to leave (P. Boulez)

Do not speak to me about people who do not laugh: they are not serious people (F. Chopin)

In love as in music, it is necessary for all to be sincere to be believed (G. Verdi)

Ah! What a talent I will have tomorrow! Lastly, one now will play my music! (H. Berlioz)

Without the music, the life would be an error (Nietszche)

I don't teach you what I know, I teach you what you don't know (A. Schoenberg)