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Welcome on my personal page.

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Impassioned by the music informatic, I am neither a musician nor informatician...
Some musicians in the family (at the beginning of the 20th century), and an extraordinary experiment : the participation in the Symphonic Chorus of Liege during two years

And since 2004, the passion of the music was concretized by the inscription as student at the Academy of music of Verviers

And first, a photograph of our family :
with Myriam, my wife, impassioned by the flowers and the gardening, and the children Michaël and Christel

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This youth grew now well ...

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And don't forget our companion 'Tiny' :  Cliquer pour agrandir


Cliquer pour agrandir    One moment of reflexion under the trees  ...


Cliquer pour agrandir      Beauties of the summer      Cliquer pour agrandir


In a few years, the garden also grew well :Cliquer pour agrandir

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Our small paradise is located at the East of Belgium, close to Germany and Holland, at a few kilometers of the town of Liege.

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And a symbolic photo system: 1st January  2000 à 0 hr :

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The region

3  Cities to be visited  

The town of Liege, located at the heart of the majestic Meuse valley of the Meuse


At five minutes of the center, an old masterhouse hidden in the trees  ...


The Cathedral, and the city surrounded of greenery ...

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A typical alley of the hurdy-gurdy city ...


Herve, in the heart of the plateau of the same name
A photo characteristic of the area with the orchards, the cattle (principal production, milk, the fruits, a famous cheese: the cheese of Herve)

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Verviers, particularly active musical hearth, town of origin of Henry Vieuxtemps, but also of some contemporary artists, such as Maurane, late Pierre Rapsat, the 'Frères Taloche' ...

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And many small picturesque villages, such as Dolhain-Limbourg, whose Victor Hugo wrote
 : "It is more charming valley which there is in the world. In summer, by beautiful day, with a blue sky, it is sometimes a ravine, often a garden, always a paradise "

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